Publishing Your Workflow

There are two ways to publish your workflow to the server, one in the editor itself and one uploading zip files to the server dashboard.

You will only be allowed to publish a workflow if you have the required permissions as set by your WorkfloPlus Administrator. See Uploading a Workflow for more information.


To publish a workflow in the editor click the Publish to Server option in the File menu.

This will bring up a window with the server being published to. Only change this if you are running a local server or a custom URL. If you do change this then it can be reset back to the WorkfloPlus default with the option in the corner.

Sign in as you would to the dashboard in order to bring up the workflow details screen.

If you would like to make this workflow an update to a workflow already on the server then select the original workflow in the Workflow dropdown. Other details will automatically be pre-populated with the server’s details which can be edited before publishing.

Pressing Create/Publish Workflow will finish the process.


To publish a workflow login to the WorkfloPlus dashboard select Workflows and in the View Workflows Panel Select Add Workflow button (+) which will open the New Workflow Panel.


In the New Workflow Panel, select the + icon to upload your .zip file from your local folder. When the upload is successful select Create Workflow to publish the workflow.


Once the upload is complete the workflow will appear in the View Workflows panel. A cancel option will be displayed to abort the upload if required.

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