Using Decision Steps

A Decision Step will navigate the User to go down a defined path within the workflow, depending on their answer. 

Decision steps in version 2.6

By default, two options must be selected (the ‘Yes’ path and the ‘No’ path). To add a third path (’Other’), check the 'HasOther' box in the Step Properties window (and enter the ‘Other’ title in the same window). Within the workflow make sure the correct number of arrows are leading away from the step (two by default; three is ‘Other’ is used).

Decision steps in version 2.7

Version 2.7 and beyond of WorkfloPlus support decision steps with multiple pathways. In order to add an option to a decision step first create the steps the pathways will lead to and connect them from the decision step. There is no limit to the number of pathways a decision step can have.

After this is done, connections can be selected, which will bring up the textbox where the options can be named.

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