Using Different Step Types

There are 4 different step types; Instruction, Input, Decision, and Group.

Instruction Step: Gives the User detailed information about how a job/workflow should be carried out or operated.

Input Step: The User is tasked to enter information in the form of one of the following: Barcode, DateTime, File, Numeric, Photo, Selection, Signature, Text, and Video. 

Please note annotation, file and audio are not currently supported. 

The input type can be defined using the drop-down at the top of the Step Editor Tab (default is Text).

Decision Step: This enables the user to go down one of two or more paths, depending on their answer. The default answers when editing a Decision Step are ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ but can be changed.

Group Step: For larger workflows, a Group Step can be used to break the workflow down into sub-sections (making it easier to manage and edit). There are no limits to the number of steps that can be added to a Group Step and a Group Step can contain additional Group Steps.

Group Steps also allow ‘Form View’ (whereby the user will see all steps in the Group on one page and can scroll up/down to answer them in any order, like on a form) and ‘Loop Mode’ (allowing a Form View set of questions to be answered as many times as required).

Three outcomes can be built into a Group Step, so the user's answers within the Group could lead to the workflow terminating, or to continuation or even loop them back to a previous question.

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