Using Fail Paths

A Fail Path can be used to guide the user down a different path within a workflow if certain defined parameters are not met.

For example, if a thermostat reading needs to be between 20 and 30 degrees and it is outside of that range, the Fail Path can take the user to a different step requesting they initiate a repair. If the reading is within range, then the user can continue through the workflow as normal.

Fail Paths can only be used on the following input steps as these steps allow for parameters to be set:

  • Numeric
  • Text
  • Date Time

To create Fail Path step you need to define a range and select Fail Path as follows:

This will also show as a Constraint in the Properties Panel:

Once you have defined the Fail Path you need to add the connectors within your workflow.  The Fail Path connector should be labelled 'No'.  

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