How to Enable & Use Text to Speech

WorkfloPlus enables you to activate a text-to-speech (TTS) mode.

When this is active, your client device will read out step titles and descriptions as you progress through a job. This is useful if you want to minimise the amount of time you need to look at your screen. The options to enable TTS for step titles and descriptions are available while a job is in progress.

On Android, the "Speech On" option can be found in the same in-job menu as the step notes (3 dots top right side). Selecting the option again will turn it off.

PLEASE NOTE: TTS is not currently supported on IOS.

On the HMT, this option can be enabled by saying “SPEECH ON" and disabled by saying “SPEECH OFF”.

PLEASE NOTE: This setting is off by default but if turned on it will remain active until you turn it off. This means if you enable it and close the app it will still be active when the app is reopened.

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