Adding Notes During a Job

When using a mobile phone to record a job using WorkfloPlus, on each step, there is the option to add a note for that step. This is designed to capture any additional information relating to the task the user is completing, or to raise an issue or follow up work.

To access Notes, click on the top right hand side of the screen during your job. On Android it will be 3 dots. To start adding a note, tap the screen to activate the keyboard then write your note. When it is complete, select the tick to confirm and save the entry.

To view a note added to a step in WorkfloPlus, on the step you wish to check, you also select the side menu and then Notes.  

Notes can also be viewed using the WFP Dashboard. On the Dashboard, select Jobs, and find the relevant job from the list presented and select it to open a page that includes a record of each step. Select the step you wish to view to open a further page and, if notes were added to that step, they will be shown in the Notes field.

PLEASE NOTE: the notes facility is not available when using a Realwear HMT device.

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