WorkfloPlus v3 - Report Designer

Users can access the Report Designer by clicking on Dashboard via the menu on the top left hand side of the Home screen.

When a job has been completed, WorkfloPlus automatically generates reports. What a ‘report’ contains is entirely up to you. A report might be a detailed job report showing all the completed steps in the job (much like the default WorkfloPlus report template), it could cover a specific part of a workflow (such as a health & safety check), or it could even just be an automatically generated certificate.

Customised report templates are built using the WorkfloPlus report editor. The report editor uses a mixture of HTML and CSS to build the template, and also takes advantage of Handlebars to pull in data conditionally. It is completely within your control although an element of HTML and CSS experience will probably be required.

Further information on how to build and construct reports can be found by clicking on the ‘?’ icon in the report editor.

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