WorkfloPlus v3 Job Templates

If you wish to reuse a Job on a regular basis for scheduling purposes, you may wish to create a Job Template to make this quicker and easier.

When creating a new Job, you will see an option to SAVE AS TEMPLATE on the top right hand side of the screen:

This will bring up a panel and you can give your template a name:

PLEASE NOTE: you can create as many templated jobs as you wish within the same job panel.  Simply make the changes you want and hit Save As Template and give it a unique name each time.

For example you may be creating a job that comprises 3 workflows:

- Health & Safety Check

- Inspect Item A

- Sign Off Job

Based on these 3 workflows you could create a new template called 'Item A Inspection'.  If you then removed the Inspect Item A workflow and replaced it with Inspect Item B workflow you could just just Save Template again and call your new template 'Item B Inspection'.

To view all existing Job templates click on the button on the Home Page or access via the Burger menu on the left hand side.

From the Job Templates screen you can either delete or open a job by clicking on the relevant icon.

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