Hyperlink Assets

WorkfloPlus allows you to add photos, videos, files or documents to a Workflow so that they can be accessed on the device by the users when they come to the relevant steps on the app; we call these Workflow Assets.

As an alternative to adding a copy of the asset to the Workflow, you can add a Hyperlink Asset within the WorkfoPlus Editor, this will create a link on the step to the input URL. 

N.B. Hyperlink Assets are currently only supported on Android, however iOS support is coming soon.

The advantages of using a Hyperlink Asset are:

  • A Workflow can be linked to many large asset files, unlike a standard Asset, these wont all be downloaded along with the Workflow, this will help with performance
  • A Workflow can be linked to many large assets without hitting the Workflow size limit
  • If a given document or manual is updated, this can be simply be uploaded to the file share site without the need to add it to each and every Workflow that uses it (as would be required for a standard Asset)

The disadvantages are:

  • Hyperlink Assets will only work when online

Adding a Hyperlink Asset

To add a Hyperlink Asset to a Step from within the WorkfloPlus Editor, click on the Step and then click on the Link button (highlighted below).

Then you can give your link a meaningful name and paste in the url for the link, it's a good idea to quickly test the url using the Test button and then once confirmed save the Hyperlink.

Using a Hyperlink Asset

Hyperlink assets will appear on the WorkfloPlus Client App alongside any standard assets, giving the assets meaningful names is important to help the user select the relevant one. When a user clicks on a hyperlink asset it should be opened or downloaded using the device default browser.

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