Email Integrations

WorkfloPlus lets you set up multiple job reports that can be run against completed jobs. The email integrations (formerly triggers) system allows you to send your reports to whoever needs them, with complete flexibility. For example, if you have a health & safety pre-inspection prior to commencing work, a report covering only these steps could be sent to the on-site safety inspector. If you’re doing an inspection of equipment and certain steps fail, you could pull out only the failed steps and send a report covering these to the maintenance manager. You can also send reports to groups of people.

To set integrations you must have either Owner, Administrator, or Editor permission.

Start by navigating to the integrations settings by going to the Dashboard, then navigating to Settings, and clicking on the integrations button.

From this panel, you will be able to view the integrations name, and the last updated date, this will show as the date or time depending on whether it was last updated in the same day or historically. 

You can also filter, search, refresh, and add integrations from this panel using the buttons in the view integrations header.

To open the integrations details panel, click on the integration you would like to view. This will open up the panel to the right of the list. From here you can view a summary of the integration selected.

To create a new integration select the plus icon in the view integrations panel header; this will open up the add integration panel to the right.

To create an email integration; firstly name the integration and add a description, secondly select email as the type. 

Report Settings 

In this section, you can set your PDF requirements 

  • Don’t send PDF - Select this if you do not want to include a report as part of a integration email. In this case, an email is simply sent stating that a job has been completed, but it does not include the report PDF

  • Send a PDF - Select this if you want the PDF to fire immediately on Job completion.

  • Delay for 15 minutes/1 hour/6 hours/1 day - Select any of these options if you want the PDF to fire after a certain period of time.  If your Job is very asset heavy and/or if you have been working offline, it may sometimes take longer for images to sync.

Please note the PDF will fire at the scheduled times regardless of whether all images have synced.

For more information on creating a report template visit our reports section

Email Recipients 

Here you can enter the target email addresses under email recipients and/or enable the send copy to the user option.

Workflows and Workflow Tags for Integrations

Finally, associate the integration with one or more workflows. By default an integration will fire for all workflows, however, if you want to associate the integration with specific workflows either specify them in the workflows for integration input field (look up from the list of all of your workflows) or enter one or more workflow tags in the workflow tags for the integration input field. If you enter one or more workflow tags, the system will look for any workflows with those tag(s) included, and the integration will fire for those workflows accordingly. For example, if you have workflows tagged with ‘maintenance’, you can fire this integration for all of those workflows without having to manually specify them as individual workflows.

Saving your Integrations

To save the integration settings, select Create integration, this will then show in your view integration panel.

Testing your Integrations

To test an email integration simply complete a job on one of the workflows associated with that integration; an email containing a summary body with a PDF report attached should be delivered to all recipients.

Email not received?

Emails are sent from [email protected] IP Address is  so please check that these have both been whitelisted by your IT Department.  We also recommend checking your SPAM folder for any emails.  

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