Integrations Introduction

Integrations (formerly triggers) can be configured to send data on to a downstream person(s) or application(s) when a job has been completed.

WorkfloPlus offers two types of Integrations

  1. Email: Send an email containing details of a completed job onto one or more email addresses

  2. HTTP: Send a POST request that contains all of the job data to a designated endpoint

View Integrations by selecting settings and then Integrations from the navigation panel. Once selected this will open up the integrations panel.

From this panel, you will be able to view the Integration name, and the last updated date, this will show as the date or time depending on whether it was last updated in the same day or historically. 

You can also filter, search, refresh, and add Integrations from this panel using the buttons in the view Integrations header.

To open the Integrations details panel, click on the Integration you would like to view. This will open up the panel to the right of the list. From here you can view a summary of the Integration selected.

To create a new Integration select the plus icon in the view triggers panel header; this will open up the add trigger panel to the right.

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