Syncing Data

WorkfloPlus will automatically sync your job data with the server (whether cloud-based or local). Once a job has been updated, your device will attempt to sync with the server automatically. This requires you to be connected to the internet, or if you’re on a local server environment, to be connected to your network.

The status of job sync can be seen next to a job on the active and completed job lists as well as on the job details page. There will be an alert if the job is waiting to sync. If the job is actively syncing then there will be a spinner. Once the spinner is gone the job has finished syncing to the server.

PLEASE NOTE: While a job is in the process of syncing or pending sync then auto-logout will not take place in order to preserve data. If you attempt to logout while either a job is syncing or waiting to sync you will see a warning message. While you can continue, if you log out of the app while syncing is incomplete then this will result in job data being lost.

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