Starting a Job

Starting a new job on WorkfloPlus is quick and easy. Open WorkfloPlus on your Android or iOS app.

If this is the first time you have launched WorkfloPlus on your device you will not see any jobs in your quick access bar or job history.

To start your first job simply click on the plus icon from the home screen and select the workflow that you want to complete from the A-Z list.

Select the workflow you want to complete from the A-Z list:

Then click to START JOB:

If you have completed a job before on this device you will see a list of jobs in your QUICK ACCESS bar, WorkfloPlus is intuitive and will list a number of frequent jobs to enable you to get to the job you want to complete quickly. Simply select the workflow from the list and select 'start' job.

If you’re using the HMT-1 app then from the home screen say “NEW JOB” and select the workflow that you wish to open.

If a job has been scheduled to start on a specific date and time this job will be available to start from your home screen.

To view scheduled jobs on the HMT, simply say “SHOW SCHEDULE”.

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