User Permissions

 A summary of all permissions can be found below.  Any combination of these can be chosen for each registered user depending on requirements.


Full permission set

Owner adds new users and sets their permission status to Admin or User

Can remove Admins and Users

Can change Admin User permissions 

Download all PDFs


Full permission set, eg add new Users, change their permissions, delete users. 

An Admin cannot delete or create new Admins.

An Admin cannot change the permissions of other Admins.

An Admin can lock other user's accounts but not lock an another admin

Reset a Users or another Admins Password

Download all PDFs

Data Viewer

User can see all Workflows and Jobs run in their Team, or jobs allocated to them

Cannot download PDFs.


User can manage workflows, for example change workflow descriptions, title/naming convention, allocating workflows to Users or Groups, archiving workflows

Upload and publish workflows or set for approval.  

Download PDFs from their jobs only.

User can edit data on the server, for example archiving jobs

Cannot download PDFs.


User can review and approve or reject new workflows or changes to workflows.

An Approver would be the only person to see such a workflow on their mobile app in order to run the workflow.

They could also download the job as a ZIP file and open in their Editor

Once Approved, it would be classified as 'published' and Team Members would then have access to this workflow

Cannot download PDFs.

Execute Jobs

This enables users to run jobs on their device

Cannot download PDFs.


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