Logging in with Realwear Headset (HMT)

You can install the Workfloplus onto your HMT Realwear headset in 2 ways:

1. Download via the Realwear Explorer App for your laptop or PC, then add the WFP APK file.  The APK file can be requested by emailing [email protected].  Connect your HMT to your laptop via the USB cable and open the Realwear Explorer on your laptop or PC.  Ensure that you are connected to your local wifi on the HMT. Say 'wireless networks' and check your settings.

Drag and drop the APK file into the APK box (top right corner of the Realwear Explorer), this will run and display a message when installed.

2. You can also manage all of your HMT devices remotely via Realwear Cloud. Here you will be able to register your devices using the serial numbers on the device and add apps remotely, including WorkfloPlus.

Once you have added WorkfloPlus, return to your device and say “MY PROGRAMS” and then “WORKFLOPLUS”

When WFP launches say “SIGN IN” and a 6-digit code will be automatically generated.

Once you have the code you will need to enter this into your WFP Dashboard to connect the HMT. You do this by selecting the hamburger menu on the WFP Dashboard home page (top right, next to your team name), select device login, and enter the 6 digit code displayed on the HMT.

You can now unplug your HMT device from your PC and you are ready to go.

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