Assigning Report Templates to a Workflow

When a job is completed a PDF report is generated automatically.  This can either be manually downloaded from the job panel or fired automatically as part of an Email Trigger.

By default a standard WorkfloPlus report template is used and this can be seen in the workflow panel as follows:

Should you wish to use a customised PDF report for jobs run on your workflow - see Creating Customised Reports section for further information on this, you can select this from the dropdown menu in the Workflow panel:

This will then be shown on your Workflow Panel as follows:

System Default Report

Should you wish to update the System Default report you can do this in the Reports panel.  Navigate to Reports via the Settings button and check the box next to the report template you wish to set as the default report and click on the Set Default Report button at the top.  

The default report will be identified by a blue dot on the right hand side:

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