WorkfloPlus{WEB} - Release Notes


25th May 2023 | Platform: V3

Bug Fixes:

  • The user can no longer press pause on their Task once they have pressed the Finish Task button, which was putting the Task into a bad state

  • Triggers could sometimes get into a state where they would not fire when the report generation queue was busy, this has now been fixed

New Features:

  • You may now add a Job Description on each Job as an optional field. This allows you to add contextual information to a Job or other notes for the user completing the Job to see

  • Job Browser now contains an additional 'Tags' filter, which filters the list of Jobs based on Job Tags added. Note: Job Tags added prior to this release will now show in the Job Browser.


15th May 2023 | Platform: V3

New Features:

  • Updated Workflows List - the list of Workflows in the Workflows section has been updated to be easier to use and navigate

  • Job Browser improvements - Job Browser has been updated with various improvements including performance fixes and a new Workflows filter

  • Unavailable Tasks - the Job Details screen now shows the user when they do not have access to a specific Task due to the Workflow permissions


5th May 2023 | Platform: V3

Bug Fixes:

  • Captured media viewing/downloading has now been fixed.


21st April  2023 | Platform: V3

Bug Fixes:

  • Job Browser fix to show the latest job changes and status

  • Workflow fix for Windows OS - Users should be able to upload workflows

  • Fix for auto scrolling to the middle of the step in a form step.


13th April  2023 | Platform: V3

New Features:  Job Browser added

  • Enables Admins and Owners to browse Jobs on the system and access them

  • Jobs can be filtered by date, assignee, job status, tags and whether they are overdue according to their schedule

  • Jobs can be searched by name and Job ID in addition

  • Date filter has various options, including helpful presets

Bug Fixes:

  • It was possible for Jobs to get into a state where the system wouldn’t process them and therefore the Job Report and associated downstream data would not be available. This has now been fixed

  • When a user doesn’t have permission to access a Workflow within a Job, they now see a warning saying “You do not have access to this Task , Please contact your Administrator”

  • Additionally, the Job attachments button has been removed as this needs fixing and reapplying.


2nd March 2023 | Platform: V3

New Features: 

  • Android Background synchronisation improvements

  • Issue with iOS images not syncing has been fixed

  • Pagination and filtering options for jobs containing a large number of tasks is now available

  • Performance and security enhancements throughout.


30th November 2022 | Platform: V3

New Features: 

  • If you are Owner/Admin in a team or a Job Owner/Manager , you will be able to set Schedule and Target Date now in the Job Details page.

  • If there is no Target and Scheduled Date then both will be defaulted to “Today’s date” and Time will be “All Day”(treated as scheduled for 23:59).

  • If there is a Scheduled Date then the Target Date will default to same as Scheduled Date.

  • If a job has a Scheduled date and its not completed by that date , then the job shall move to the current day in the Schedule screen (Schedule date won’t be changed).

  • If a job has a Target date and not it’s completed by Target date, then its shown as OVERDUE in Schedule page and Job Details page. If no Target date , Schedule date is used for OVERDUE check.


3rd November 2022 | Platform: V3


New Features

  • A change has been made such that users with Job Operator permission only cannot abandon a Job. This right is now restricted to Owners/Admins on the Team and Job Owners/Managers

  • There is a new option that can be set by Team Owners/Admins and Job Owners/Managers such that a Job cannot be closed by an Operator until all of the Tasks have been completed on the Job

  • Tasks in V3 now have a new description field, which allows for context-driven information to be optionally added for each Task, to provide additional information to the Operator. Operators can view these but cannot set them.

Bug Fixes

  • If you launch a Job using a URL and specify metadata in the URL, that metadata is now saved

  • There was a rare case where a workflow could get into a state where the system is unable to read it  - specifically when the Start Steps get into the wrong order when the workflow is built, but now resolved

  • Metadata is now returned from the GraphQL v2 endpoint so this works now for V3

  • It is now possible to open and view a Closed Job instead of seeing a perpetual loading spinner

  • On the New Job screen, if the back arrow was pressed you would see a blank screen, now fixed

  • When clicking back within a Task to a previous step, any subsequent decision steps would require re-validation even if the value is still selected and valid, now resolved.


5th August 2022 | Platform: V3


New Features 

  • You can now set a Teams default language in the Partner Portal (This will be used for email notifications in later functionality and at some point the V3 language picker will be retired and integrated into this setting). Therefore, this feature is currently redundant and can be ignored (it is not customer facing)

  • You can create Job Templates - this will let you define more complex jobs that can then be completed many times

  • Workflow permissions are now respected in Jobs. If a Job Operator does not have permission to access a Workflow that is populated as a Task on the Job, they will be unable to complete the Task.

Bug Fixes

  • If you miss a required step it now highlights in red on the step

  • Job assignment now works and you can share the Job appropriately with other users and assign them

  • Repeating signature steps now have a blank canvas each time.

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