WorkfloPlus{WEB} - Home Page

When you launch WorkfloPlus{WEB} you will be greeted with the Home Page.

The Home Page will default to the current week and display a summary of any jobs that are Not Started, Scheduled, In Progress or Overdue by default.

This view can be customised in the following ways:

Navigate to previous and future weeks using the arrows.  Clicking on the Calendar icon will bring you back to the current week:

PLEASE NOTE: Overdue Jobs will 'float' and always be visible on the Home Page regardless of their Due Date.

Days Without Jobs
Clicking on the Eye icon will display days with no jobs associated with them, which is a useful tool for scheduling:

Closed/Abandoned Jobs

Clicking on the Tick icon will display Closed and Abandoned Jobs in the summary screen.

Jobs are colour coded as follows:





Green>> CLOSED

On the top right hand side you will find your user icon from where you can edit your Language Settings, Manage Your Account, contact Support and/or sign out.  There is also a link so you can check Sync Status.

On the left hand side you will find the main burger menu which provides additional links:

Other Links:

View All Jobs

New Job

View Templates

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