WorkfloPlus v3- Home Page

When you launch WorkfloPlus v3 you will be greeted with the Home Page.

The Home Page will default to the current week and display a summary of any jobs that are Not Started, Scheduled, In Progress or Overdue by default.

This view can be customised in the following ways:

Navigate to previous and future weeks using the arrows.  Clicking on the Calendar icon will bring you back to the current week:

Days Without Jobs
Clicking on the Eye icon will display days with no jobs associated with them, which is a useful tool for scheduling:

Closed/Abandoned Jobs

Clicking on the Tick icon will display Closed and Abandoned Jobs in the summary screen.

Jobs are colour coded as follows:





Green>> CLOSED

On the top right hand side you will find your user icon from where you can edit your Language Settings, Manage Your Account, contact Support and/or sign out.  There is also a link so you can check Sync Status.

On the top left hand side you will find the main burger menu which provides additional links:

There are also some additional shortcut links from the Home Page:

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