Deleting a User

Users can be deleted inside the Dashboard Settings Menu by an Administrator.

Clicking on Users from the Settings Menu will open the View Users panel. The default view is a searchable list of all Users.

Select the user from the View Users panel.  This will bring up the User Details panel as follows:

Delete User

To delete a user scroll down to the bottom of the User Details panel and select "Delete User":

You will be asked to confirm if you are sure you wish to delete the user on the following screen:

Select Delete User to remove the user completely from your team.

Note: If a user is deleted from your WorkfloPlus team, any jobs that have previously been run by this user will display 'Unknown User' in the job summary.  If you want to retain the user information in the job summary, then we recommend that you Lock the user account, as opposed to deleting it.

Lock User

Locking a user will prevent them from being able to log into your WorkfloPlus team and will enable any previously run jobs to still be linked to their name in the job summary.  

To lock a user, click on Lock User in the User Details panel:

Once locked the user will be displayed with a padlock in the View Users panel.  This user will no longer be able to log in and run jobs however all previously run jobs will still be associated with this user.

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