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You can easily annotate images within the workfloplus mobile app, using the annotation tool. This allows you to draw on a photo taken or an image selected within a photo step. For example, you may want to draw attention to a certain element of an image or highlight something for attention when completing a job. 

Once the image is captured/selected and annotated, this will show as part of the report once the job is completed. Note: If you are using a standard report template this will automatically show in the report. 

If you are using a customised report template you can select this as an item that shows, see customised reports for further information. 

Take an image using your device camera or select an existing image from your device gallery as part of the photo step:

Once the image is showing on your list, tap the image to open it. Once opened you will see the annotation toolbar at the bottom of the image. 

The pointer tool is automatically selected for you on entering the screen and can be selected at any point. While you have the pointer tool selected, you can zoom in and out of your image using finger pinching - or double-tap the screen to zoom in and out as you wish. You can also annotate when zoomed in for any close-up annotation needs by selecting the pen tool once you have zoomed in. You can select the pen tool to draw on the image, by double-tapping (or tapping again once selected) on the pen tool you can define the thickness of the pen. To change the colour of the pen, tap the colour picker tool on the bottom right and select your required colour. 

You can select the highlighter tool to highlight part of the image.y double-tapping on the highlighter tool (or tapping again once selected) you can define the thickness of the highlighter. The colour of the tool will default to the colour you have selected. If you want to change the colour, select the colour picker tool on the bottom right and select your required colour. 

To undo any annotations to your image, you can tap the Undo icon in order to undo the last action you did. This includes undoing a delete action.

To redo any annotations you tapped undo to remove, you can tap the Redo icon in order to redo the last ‘undone’ action. This includes redoing a delete action.

To remove all annotations on your image, you can tap the Bin icon In order to remove all annotations. You can always undo this action while still in the annotation screen.

If you are happy with your annotations tap Done, this will save the annotations to the image and take you back to your photo step where you can add more images. 

Note: once you have selected ‘Done’ you can not amend the existing annotations added within an image, you can add more annotations or completely delete all annotations, but can’t undo or redo actions on your last annotation round.

Once you have completed your job, you can select ‘view report’, this will then show the annotated image. 

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