WorkfloPlus Introduction

WorkfloPlus is designed for workers completing a job, focusing on ease of use and simplicity while enabling efficiency improvements and true insight into business processes.

WorkfloPlus is made up of a few key components:

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Designing workflows
Mobile and Wearable Clients 

Completing jobs, based on a workflow template

Configuring settings, managing users, viewing your company data

Managing your WorkfloPlus account

‘workflow’ is a template for a job and is created inside the ‘Editor’. For example, the user might need to complete an inspection of some equipment. In such a job, the person carrying out the inspection might need to check the equipment diagnostics, confirm there are no issues, take a photograph and sign off on the job. If there is an issue present, they may need to enter details about the issue. Each of these is a ‘step’ inside a workflow.

The workflow for the example above might look something like the following:

When the user executes the workflow template, they’re completing a ‘job’. When the job is complete, the data is sent up to the server and is available for the administrator to see. Jobs are completed on a ‘client’, which can be an Android phone or tablet, an iPhone or iPad, or a Realwear HMT-1 head-worn wearable device.

In the ‘Dashboard’, the administrator can see data for all jobs completed inside their team. The administrator can also configure settings for the team, manage users and access, configure workflow access rights, set up triggers, and much more.

Every user can access the ‘Accounts’ screen, where they can manage their account.

An authorised user can create and publish workflows using the WorkfloPlus Editor. Once published, these same workflows can then be managed directly from the WorkfloPlus Admin Dashboard. 

User permissions can be set by a site administrator. 

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