Team Settings

Team Settings are settings that affect every user on your team.

To access Team Settings, on the WorkfloPlus Dashboard, select the Settings cog then Team Settings. The Team Settings window contains a series of settings used to configure WorkfloPlus. These are described below.

To connect to Remote Expert Solution

If you want to use a Remote Expert Solution with the WorkfloPlus app, enable this option and select the third party provider from the drop down list.  In the client app while doing in a job, you can select the ellipsis menu at the top right and request for help. You will then be navigated to your Remote Expert.

To save the database in external storage

If you want to save the WorkfloPlus database in external storage enable Save Data to External Storage in Team settings. When disabled the WorkfloPlus database will be saved in internal storage.

To prevent re-activating an older workflow version

When you want to disable re-activating any previous version of any workflow enable the Prevent Workflow Rollback in Team Settings. This option disables the “Activate Workflow” button in Workflow Version Details Panel. This would be helpful if you want to make sure only newer versions of workflow are used.

To give a custom name to a job

When you start a job in the Workfloplus client app it autosaves the workflow name as a job name. 

If you would prefer to give your job a custom name, enable Allow Job Renaming in Team Settings.

To give a reason when abandoning a job

If set to yes, when you abandon a job in the Workfloplus client app, you will need to give a reason. If set to no, a reason is not required.

To disable job restart option in the client app

If you want to disable the option to restart the same job after completion or from the Job History page and want to go to the new job page to start any job, enable Disable Job Restart in Team Settings.

To give a reason when you edit a previously saved step data

If set to yes, in WorkfloPlus, if you go back to a previous step and alter the current entry when you move to the next step you will be asked to give a reason before confirming your edits.

To automatically sign out of the client app 

When you want to set the automatic sign out of the client app, enable Auto Device Sign Out in Team Settings. You can specify the inactive time to elapse before an automatic sign out in minutes, starting from 30 minutes. Leaving the time blank or setting it to 0 will keep you signed in until the token expires. You are reminded five minutes before the automatic sign out.

Please Note: In order to protect data, whenever a device is syncing auto device sign out will not be enforced.

To Force a Download of Workflow Updates 

When you want to automatically download all your workflows after signing in, enable Force Download of Workflow Updates. Note that any workflows that are greater than 100 Mb still need to be manually downloaded.

Workflow Update Lapsed Time

If this is switched on, this enables you to specify a time period during which WorkfloPlus will not check for any workflow version updates. You will continue to use the last downloaded version. This option has a set of predefined values that can be set. The app will check for updates when the time specified is reached.

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