Group Management

The facilities to create and manage groups and permissions are available on the WorkfloPlus Dashboard for users that have Administrator access.

The functionality for Groups is accessed using the Settings icon then Groups to open the View Groups window. 

Creating a group

In the View Groups window, select the “+” icon to open the Add Group window. 

After giving the group a name, select Create Group. The Add Group window will close and your newly created group will be listed in the View Groups window. 

Managing a group

From View Groups, select the group you wish to manage, which may be your new group or an existing group. This will open a window titled Users in Group, with the group name given in brackets. 

To add, amend or delete users, choose the Modify Users icon. Modify Users will open a list of active users that you may wish to include in the group. You may have to navigate through several pages but there is a search facility available. 

Choose the users you want in your group by selecting the box alongside each name. Your selections are indicated with a tick. Unticking removes users. When your list of users is correct, go to Confirm to save the group.

The Users in Group window also allows you to remove users by clicking on the “X” found alongside each user listed.

Through selecting an individual user on the Users in the Group window, you can access User Details. The functionality available on the User Details window is similar to that described in the “User Management (Understanding and setting users, permissions and viewing audit logs)” section.

From the Users in the Group window, you can specify settings for the group. Select the Settings icon to access Group Settings. 

These give you the option to rename the group and set permissions. The permissions are Administrator, Data Viewer, Editor, Modifier and Approver. For permission descriptions see “User Management (Understanding and setting users, permissions and viewing audit logs).”  

Select those that are appropriate for the group then select Update Permissions to save them. 

There is also a slider to allow you to specify whether the group can execute jobs using WorkfloPlus. This is automatically updated when the current selection is altered.

To Delete a group, use the Delete Group button on the Group Settings window.

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