User Management

The user management options are available in the dashboard settings menu.

In order to add a new user select the “+” icon, this will open a window where you can add the user name, email address and set permissions for a user (see below for a list of permissions and their rights). 

You can create a user in two ways. The first is “User With Password”, which will automatically generate an initial password for the user. The second is “User With 3rd Party”, which will allow the user to sign in using a 3rd-party provider such as Google or Microsoft (dependent on server settings). If a third party is used then the new user must use an account with the same email address as entered.

Once a user is created they will appear in the user list. If you select the user on this list you will bring the management options for that user. These include:

  • Changing user permissions

    • Administrators are able to see all jobs, users and workflow templates (only owners can give admin permissions)

    • Data Viewers are able to see all jobs and are able to delete or create jobs if they had other permissions (modifier and executor respectively)

    • Editors can manage workflows 

    • Modifiers are able to edit data on the server and delete jobs

    • Removing the user's job execution rights 

    • Approvers are able to manage the approval of workflows that are in the Draft or For Approval state

  • Locking the account (preventing the user from logging in or interacting with the system). This can then be unlocked later.

  • Resetting the user’s password

  • Deleting a user (this is irreversible)  Note: after a user has been deleted from an account, any jobs that have previously been run by them will show as 'unknown user'.

Please note that you are unable to edit your own user settings.

User audit logs can be found in a separate section on the settings page. Here you can view any activity related by a user in detail.

Both the audit logs and user lists can be filtered using the search icon.

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