Downloading Reports

When using a mobile device or a Realwear HMT, the user can download a report relating to any completed job either at the end of the job or in the Job History section of the app.

When using a mobile phone, there are two ways in which a job report may be accessed.

Firstly, when you confirm the last step of a job, you are presented with the Job Complete screen. That screen has a menu link that includes View Report. When selected, a PDF report for your job opens. The default report displays a summary of the job, including the job name, your user name, the date, and job status. Beneath the summary, each step is listed. For each step, the details include the step name, duration, description and, if appropriate, your decisions, inputs and step notes.

On the WorkfloPlus History screen, you can view reports for completed and abandoned jobs.  Select the relevant job from the list of your jobs to open the Job Details screen, then select View Report to open a PDF of your report.

When using an HMT, there is a “View Report” option on the screen confirming that your job is complete. This opens a PDF of the report, which is similar in content to that described earlier in this section. If it is not clearly legible, different zoom levels may be selected.

Reports are also available in Job History. From the WorkfloPlus home screen, select Job History then select the job you wish to view. Selection can be made using the job name or its item number.  “View Report” will open the report PDF.

It is also possible to use the WorkfloPlus Dashboard to view a job report. See Using Your Data/Downloading Job Reports.

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